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Slitting machine adopts the latest driving and controlling technologies and optimized mechanical and electrical equipments to achieve high automation, working smoothness, compact structure, orderly material receipt, appropriate tightness and convenient operation. It is an ideal slitting equipment for reel materials such as papers and plastic sheets including AL, PE, OPP, PVC, CPP, NY, etc.


Technical Data
types of material PE , O PP , PVC , CPP , NY film, or lamination film, etc.
thickness of material 20 - 200um
Width of Unwinding : max 1300mm
diameter of unwinding: max φ 800mm
mode of unwind: shaft less with air pressure, 3" & 6" paper core
mode of slitting: 1.razor-slot slitting 2.razor cutting in air
Mexican speed max 450m /min
Slitting speed max 400m /min
width of rewinding min 50mm
diameter of rewinding max φ600mm
Length of roll face 1400mm
Machine ( L×B×H ) 3170 (mm) ×2820 (mm) ×1800 (mm)
Contributory data
power source AC380v ±10%, 50Hz
power about 11 Kw
weight about 4200kg
Working Environment
Relative Humidity max.60%
Temperature max.50℃

Slitting machine is controlled by CPU and operated through human machine interface. It is driven by vector frequency conversion motor, contributing to the stable system tension, high transmission accuracy, and smooth running. In the unwinding section of the slitting machine, the material roll is clamped in the non-axis conic node style. The roll holder can be lifted or swung for loading. The material receiving platform makes the roll alternation more convenient. Each paper roll core is located by the ultrasonic transducer. The unwinding tension is under closed loop constant tension control. The rewinding shaft is equipped with two separate differential air shaft devices to solve the problem of uneven thickness of material. The rewinding compression roller can be equipped with primary contacting compression roller and auxiliary contacting compression roller. Flat slitting mode can be set. The storage inside the machine can store the working indexes. The slitting machine has the functions of automatic stopping after selected length.

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