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Solventless Laminator Machine

Solventless laminator machine adopts 100% solid adhesive. It can carry out the lamination of BOPP, PET, CPP, PE, VMPET, VMCPP, PVC, aluminum sheet, papers, etc. It is sanitary and environmentally friendly, so can be used in all kinds of industry, especially in food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Main Technical Parameters

Machine Direction From left to right (operating side)
Material Width 500 ~ 1050mm
Guide Roller Length 1100mm
Max. Machine Speed 330m /min
Max. Lamination Speed 300m /min
1st Unwind Dia Max. φ 800mm
2nd Unwind Dia Max. φ 800mm
Rewind Dia. Max. φ 800mm
Unwind Paper Core φ 76 (mm) 3"
Rewind Paper Core φ 152 (mm) 6"
Coating Roll Dia. φ 200 mm
Glue-spread 1.0 ~ 3 g /m2
Gluing type Five Roll Coating
Edge Laminated Accuracy ± 2mm
Tension Control Accuracy ± 0.5kg
Tension Control Range 3 ~ 25kg
Power Supply 380v, 3 Phase 5 Lines, Voltage Wave ± 10 %
Total Power 50kw
Overall Dimension (L x W x H) 5700 × 2600 × 2300 (mm)
Machine Weight 8000 kg
Unwind Material PET 12 ~ 40 μm
BOPP 18 ~ 60 μm
OPP 18 ~ 60 μm
NY 15 ~ 60 μm
PVC 20 ~ 75 μm
CPP 20 ~ 60 μm

All operation processes are controlled digitally and all technique data can be stored. The unwinding and rewinding are carried out in cone apex style or air shaft style, convenient and quick. Metering roller, spin roller and gluing roller are all driven by imported AC servo motor to ensure the accuracy of the glue spread. The automatic locking structure of the spin roller of the coating head effectively eliminates the uneven coating caused by machining error. The gluing roller is a high-precision double-layer spiral roller, contributing to the uniformity of gluing and temperature. The doctor roller is driven by electrical motor when cleaning. The material receipt methods of taper tension and taper pressure help improve the finished product ratio. Corona treatment position is reserved. The three-roller structure produces a large laminating pressure. The tensions of unwinding and rewinding are all controlled by pendulum roller test of low-friction cylinder. The first and second unwinding system both adopt adjustable roller, enabling the changing of angel of material feeding. The adjustable roller before the gluing pressure roller can solve the problem of wrinkle of material film. The observation window can be lifted by pneumatic actuator. The gluing roller, spin roller and pressing roller are in a synchronization structure. The first and second unwinding systems are both equipped with EPC correction device. The interval between metering rollers can be precisely adjusted. The mechanical-electrical integration system design enables the electrical controller to be installed on the machine to save space.

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