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  • Inline Rotogravure Printing PressMachine direction: From the left to the right
    Max. web width : 8002550mm
    Plate cylinder dia: Φ 120mm ~Φ 300mm
    Paper core dia: φ 76mm (inner) × φ 92mm( outer)

Plastic printing machine is used to print BOPP、PE、PET、PVC and thin paper, with solid ink, rich layers, strong three-dimensional sense and good print quality. It is an eight-colored rotogravure press armed with dual-position rotary turret. The advanced seven-motor tension control system, the systematic tension and the automatic exchanging reel are centrally controlled by PLC and operated through HMI (human-machine interface). Web inspection video system is optional. It features pneumatic control for drying hood, quick roll alteration, excellent rigidity and stability, ingenious structure and beautiful appearance.

Sections of Plastic Printing Machine
Unwinding system: Unwinding is carried out in non-axis style, suitable for different paper cores and easy for replacement. The reloading does not need halt of the machine, which improves the manufacturing efficiency. The single motor crossdrive roll alteration makes the tension stable, reducing the rejection rate.

Printing system:
The non-axis loading plate is quick in replacement and accurate in location. The initial register plate can be sent into register quickly. The three-way scraper adjustment is able to form the optimum angular position.

Drying system:
The return air design saves energy. The single-set auto constant temperature control is preferable for all kinds of printing. It can carry out both high temperature drying and high-airspeed-low-temperature drying. The negative pressure of the cabinet prevents the hot air from draining.

Cooling system:
It takes self-overflow air reflux system, without high water pressure and rotary joint. The water chill-roll has a large wrap angle and long contact area, contributing to its significant cooling effect. It adopts new type design to ensure its accuracy and lifespan. The roll bearing revolves smoothly and is easy to maintain.

Rewinding system:
The rewinding also adopts non-axis design, easy for replacement. The roll alteration does not need halt of the machine, which improves the manufacturing efficiency. The single motor crossdrive roll changing makes the tension stable, reducing the rejection rate. The inner and outer parts of the rolls are even in tightness.

Rack and material moving system:
The overall wallboard is in internal stress relieving design to ensure the stability and precision of the whole machine. The reasonable layout of running rollers makes the rewinding smooth and stable.

Tension control system:
The four-section entire closed-loop constant tension control system controls the tension distribution precisely and prevents the influence from lifting speed.

Illuminating system:
The illuminators are equipped with explosion protection system.

Electrostatic elimination system

Optoelectronic registration system

HMI (human-machine interface):
The machine is controlled in mode of central control board. Wire-saving technique improves the liability of the printing machine.

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