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Gravure Plastic Printing Machine


Machine direction From the left to the right
Print units 8
Max. web width 8002550mm
Max. print speed 220 m / min
Unwind dia φ 600mm
Rewind dia. φ 600mm
Plate cylinder dia Φ 120mm ~ Φ 300mm
Color Register accuracy ± 0.15
Tension range 3~25kg
Tension accuracy ± 0.5kg
Paper core dia φ 76mm (inner) × φ 92mm ( outer )
pressure 500kg
Doctor dance ± 5mm
Drying Electricity steamoil
Air source 0.8MPa
Cooling water 8.64 T/h
Total machine power 350kw
Overall dimensions 18000 × 4700 × 3370 ( mm )
Material Cellophane 20 ~ 30 μM
PET 12 ~ 60 μM
OPP 20 ~ 60 μm
BOPP 20 ~ 60 μm
PE 40 ~ 100 μm
PVC 32 ~ 60 μm
Laminating film 15 ~ 60 μm
PAPER 3 ~ 80g /m2

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