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GSD-Z bag making machine is used to produce center seal bags and four-side seal bags. Its multiple infeed function enables it to produce various plastic bag types, including large width types. The separate type hot pressing design of the bag making machine can offer greater pressure and produce better sealing effect. The finishing of the bag sides are carried out by the twice cutting system. Die cutting unit enables the machine to produce heterotypic bags. The ultrasound device is equipped for zipper pressing. The hole puncher can be customized. Japanese Panasonic PLC control system, Panasonic touch screen and Mitsubishi servo are also equipped. The visualization screen contributes to the easy operation. The production perimeters can be set up and amended, and the dynamic display of the system's status, automatic trouble shooting and warning notice is available.

The design of the bag making machine can be adjusted to meet your special requirements. In addition, we offer a variety of optional auxiliary devices, including twice cutting knife, dual material release, die cutting system, split pressing, ultrasound, and industrial computer.

GSD-Z bag making machine is divided into 450 model (producing bags with 450mm width) and 600 model (producing bags with 600mm width).

As a China-based plastic food bag machine manufacturer and supplier, we provide a broad range of products, including plastic bag making machine, plastic printing machine, slitting machine, solventless laminator machine and more.

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